New Moon in Sagittarius #newmoonritual
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New Moon in Sagittarius #newmoonritual

The month's new moon in Sagittarius. Myth of the Centaur. Astrology signs, new moon, astrology explanations, witch diy, witchy info, witch aesthetic, sagittarius zodiac, sagittarius, astrology for beginners, moon magick, moon quotes, the centaur, moon phases, new moon rituals, moon cycle, moon magic, zodiac for beginners, new moon 2019, sagittarius traits, sagittarius woman, sagittarius astrological sign, astrology sagittarius, new moon traits, modern witch, greek mythology, centaur myth

New Moon’s are great for new beginnings, and this New Moon in Sagittarius is no different. The bright cheer of the holiday season will carry you through these next 28 days. This will be an extremely happy and optimistic time thanks to the encouraging sign of Sagittarius. The fire sign of Sagittarius is all about …


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